1. How to keep your resolutions: 25 apps for a happier, healthier, better 2013 →

    imageOne of my husband’s resolutions is to dress better in the new year. As a SOMA-dwelling tech founder, he’s surrounded by hoodies and jeans. So how to up the professionalism a notch, especially when styling outfits is a foreign language? Try L.A.-based subscription startup Fourth & Grand. They’ll send outfits and accessories and give you detailed advice on how to wear them.

  2. Triple Thread ties shoppers to stylists

    imageOne of the big problems for fashion retailers is that their salespeople are idle whenever their business, which is mostly local, is slow. Meanwhile customers—often too busy or too uncertain of what to buy for themselves—could really use the help of personal stylists.

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  3. TripleThread Takes Brick-and-Mortar Boutiques Online with Fashion Delivery Platform →

    imageTechnology incubator Science has been busy in recent months, helping launch companies including EverySignal and TopFloor. Today it announced the launch of Santa Monica, CA-based TripleThread, a push-based commerce platform that connects shoppers with niche boutiques and personal stylists all from the comfort of their home. TripleThread launches today with its own in-house boutique, Fourth and Grand, which allows men to get a personalized monthly box of work clothing for under $100, with the ability to pay only for what they want to keep, and return the rest.

  4. Science Inc. Launches TripleThread →

    A push-based commerce company called TripleThread has spun out of the Science Inc. incubator.  TripleThread lets retailers and boutiques access highly qualified customers.  TripleThread lets retailers offer personalized cases of products like clothing and accessories.  TripleThread is launching today with Fourth and Grand, a styling service that allows men to find fashionable clothes that are best for their work environment at affordable prices.

  5. Triplethread Helps Small Boutiques Stay In Business →

    How often have you wandered into your favorite neighborhood clothing store only to find it empty, the owner sitting idly in the corner?

    TripleThread, a Los Angeles startup out of Science Inc., launches today to drive more business to clothing boutiques. It finds customers who want monthly shipments of clothing and accessories, then sends their information to boutiques that fit their style.

  6. Science Inc.'s New TripleThread Brings Work Style To Men →

    imageThe latest startup out of Los Angeles-based startup studio/incubator Science, Inc. launched today, aiming initially at providing men with work-appropriate clothes delivered monthly. The startup, TripleThread, said it has launched a new service called Fourth and Grand, which figures out a customer’s style and delivers a shipment of fashionable shirts, ties, pants, sweaters, and other accessories every month. The service is the first from TripleThread, which is aiming its service at brick and mortar retailers looking to offer services to consumers at home. TripleThread—headed by Allan Jones—said its is looking to provide those brick and mortar retailers with an “entirely new revenue channel” and to help those retailers acquire traffic. The new venture out of Science Inc. follows the subscription and fashion theme of the incubator’s prior ventures; Science Inc.—headed by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones—is also behind such services as Wittlebee, Dollar Shave Club, and Uncovet.

  7. Science’s TripleThread Brings Personalized Commerce To Retailers

    imageOn the heels of launching social commerce startup TopFloor, LA-based incubator Science is debuting a new retail technology, TripleThread. Additionally, this technology is powering personalization and styling for a new personalized, mens’ e-commerce startup that was incubated by Science, Fourth And Grand.

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  8. Backed by Science, TripleThread aims to allow any boutique shop to have its own subscription model

    imageShopping for clothes can be tough. One of the best places to find quality clothes can be in boutique shops all across the country. But they can be difficult to get to, especially if you live far away. What if there was a way where shops could ship a certain style of clothes each month to you?

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  9. Science, Inc. Announces Launch of TripleThread and Fourth and Grand to Focus on Consumers’ Preferences and Needs →

    imageSanta Monica based, Science, Inc. reported the initiation of its newest businessTripleThread, a push based platform that provides retailers with exclusive access to highly qualified customers. The way the company operates is by allowing retailers to offer cases of products such as clothing and accessories in a personalized format suiting each individual differently. In addition to the online launch, Fourth and Grand, an online company offering hand-selected dress shirts, polos and ties by customizing the needs of its consumer will be part of TripleThread’s platform.

  10. TripleThread brings online customer acquisition and personalized styling tools to offline retailers →

    imageSince the beginnings of ecommerce, virtual retailers have been looking to disrupt and unseat their bricks-and-mortar predecessors. TripleThread, an ecommerce platform startup launching today out of Santa Monica technology studio Science Inc., is taking an entirely different approach. While it began as a online personalized styling service for men, the startup quickly realized that the technology platform it had built fills an enormous need for offline boutiques. Rather than attempting to disrupt retailers, it now hopes to bring them new business.